Enjoy Today-Tomorrow is Not Promised.

Since I was young, about 13, I’ve always appreciated life. I try not to take it for granted anymore. I suppose it started because I was suicidal from the ages about 9-13. Then I grew up, dropped out of high school, moved away from my home state and eventually started a job in a hospital.

I was lucky that I landed the job. I spoke from the heart. I did not have hospital experience other than being a patient for about 18 surgeries growing up. I did have healthcare experience, I was a home health aide for two clients. One-a young girl with shaken baby syndrome. Another-a middle aged woman on a vent.

So I was hired as a patient care tech on an Oncology unit (cancer) and a Palliative Care unit (end of life comfort). These two units added to my appreciation for life. The connection that I with my patients. Some who I knew more than I knew my own family. Some were okay with death. Some were afraid of death. Some were in complete denial. But all made an impact on my life one way or another.

My patient’s basically taught me, sometimes you don’t have a choice in life. Sometimes, your life will end sooner than you think. Most of all, they taught me to enjoy the moment because tomorrow may not be here.

So I try to accomplish my life by them…enjoying the moment because we truly may not have tomorrow.

Fast forward in my career. I am now a nurse. A travel nurse at that. I float from one floor to another depending on the day.

The other day, I came in contact with a patient and his family. Very lovely people. He was essentially healthy until he came in. He came in with a complaint. They did a scan. Long story short-he had cancer. They attempted to do a biopsy but when they went in, it was too risky. Bottom line-he probably has less than 6 months to live. 😦

It reminds me though, not to take life for granted. Don’t let life pass you by. There is more to life than looking down on a smartphone. There is more to life than sitting in front of the tv. And of course, there is more to life than typing out your thoughts on a blog.

If you want to do something in life…do it. Don’t think-what if…I don’t imply for you to go out and commit crime. I’m talking about-if you want to go on vacation-DO IT. If you want to call your mom-DO IT. If you want to jump out of a plane because it was on your bucket list-DO IT. If you want to try a restaurant but no one else wants to-GO…alone if you have to (I do this all of the time). If you want to see your favorite music artist but no one in your circle enjoys them-go…again, alone if you have to (I’ve done this too).

My point is…on my death bed. I don’t want to tell myself “I should have…”, “I should have went on that medical mission…”, “I should have seen Fleetwood Mac…”, “I should have called my sister…”. We take risks everyday when we walk our of the comfort our own home. Don’t think “well what if…”, “what if I die in a plane crash?”, “what if someone rapes me?”. I’m not implying to not look at your surroundings and be safe. I’m not implying putting yourself in literal danger. But don’t let fear stop you from living your life that you want. After all, you may not have tomorrow. I know it’s cliché-but today’s a gift, tomorrow is not a promise.


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