Do You Pay Attention?

When you’re out for a walk-even if it’s a short distance (from the car to the store entrance) or a long distance (a hike thru the woods)-do you take the time to look around? To pay attention to the surroundings? Do you hear the trees? See the birds? Smell the skunk? Or are you too busy to notice? Lost in your own thoughts? Which is not a bad thing. Or looking down at your phone?

I notice this a lot. People looking down at their phones. Or just generally not paying attention.

The other day, I did a 5 mile walk. A walk that I commonly do. I tend to take my headphones but I definitely pay attention. It probably takes me longer to walk the 5 miles than usual because I stop to look around. Sometimes I even take a photo.

These are the three photos I took the other day:

Common Conehead vs Fork-Tailed Bush Katydid

Common Conehead vs Fork-Tailed Bush Katydid

This little fellow was directly in my path, on the road. I noticed it before I even approached it. I bent down and took a photo with my phone. He didn’t seem to mind. The funny thing is, there was a lady that passed me. She wasn’t wearing headphones but I don’t even think she noticed to what I was looking at. Since he was in the road, I did take a leaf and got him off the road.

Dead snake in the road

Dead snake in the road

This Eastern Milk Snake was dead in the road. I just assumed he was probably trying to cross the road and someone ran him over. It makes you wonder-did they run him over because they don’t care for snakes? Or maybe they ran them over because they were on facebook behind the wheel and didn’t see him?

Moth on a tree

Moth on a tree

This was not exactly on my 5 mile walk. I was back at the house, watering plants. I notice something flutter and I watched him. He went around the tree and landed. Wings opened. I took a photo. I never saw one like this. Though I know it’s natures way to blend him into a tree but he reminded me of a pencil shaving after sharpening. Would I have noticed it, if I was looking down at my phone texting a friend while watering? Probably not.

So do you pay attention to nature when you’re out and about? It’s bad enough that we have to point out that you should put down the phone awhile being out to lunch with friends. I would imagine that people do not pay much attention to their surroundings-nature included-anymore. Heck, if they don’t while with friends-why would they for nature?

We are missing a lot.


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