Who Likes to Read Memoirs?

When I was in the 9th grade, my English teacher suggested that I should be a writer (not necessarily because of my spelling, grammar, etc). He continued and went on to say that I should write a memoir-saying that I should write my story for others people. Which was an odd comment for him to make. Other then him seeing I was born with cleft lip & palate, I was a very quiet, shy, somewhat socially awkward student. I certainly did not express things that happened in my life. My mother worked in the cafeteria and I do wonder if they struck up conversations?

Long story short, I eventually dropped out of high school. Eventually I obtained the GED. I decided to start writing my story. Not for anyone in particular but for therapeutic reasons. It was never complete but I tucked it away and saved it on those floppy discs that computers used to use.

In recent years, I have went back and forth on the idea. Do I? Should I? Do I have something to share? If so, how am I able to express it without being boring? How can I express it in a novel format? Those things I continue to pounder.

Since the internet and since the comings of Facebook. I was lucky enough to come across a group on facebook geared towards Memoirs. Not really for authors of memoirs (though there are a lot of authors or potential authors) but those who enjoy a good triumph or two. So I came across We Love Memoirs.

It certainly does have to be one of the most friendliest groups on facebook. There are times when we bicker/disagree but never even close to being disrespectful. It is weird how that works too since there are over 2500 members. How can you happily be in a place that doesn’t feel caddy, shallow, mean? We Love Memoirs is the place to be. A lot of the topics are not memoir related. After all, we need a break from real life. But then again, there are many topics that are; including Spotlight Sundays-which spotlights a memoir and is a Q&A session with the author, Member Mondays-Q&A session with a particular member, and Whaddyathink Wednesday question of the week related to reading/writing memoirs. We have random giveaways, quizzes, etc. There are members that often share free or reduced cost memoirs that they come across. The only rule is-no promoting yourself. Feel free to promote other memoirs that you have read.

Now is a good time to join the group. On August 31st-we will be celebrating TWO YEARS success on facebook. I haven’t been a member that long, unfortunately, but you wouldn’t and couldn’t tell-they are just as friendly as if I was an original member. I am thankful for Alan Parks and Victoria Twead. You have to watch out for “Eric” though-he likes to steal nuts!

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