NursesUnite My Response to The View

I understand that “we” nurses are upset over the comments of Joy Behar and Michelle Collins of “The View”. At the end of the day, can we stop focusing on what some ladies behind a desk made a “joke” about (using the term joke-lightly-as I don’t think it was all that funny). There is a much bigger picture here!!

Honestly, as a nurse, there are much bigger fish to fry than a day-time television show. Can we use this platform to now bring forth a number of issues in the nursing community including:

1) Safer patient, nurse ratios (and tech/CNA)? Aside from California, no other state has regulated for safe ratios. There are hospitals throughout the country that do it on their own but it is not regulated, nor can it be enforce.

2) Adequate lunches and breaks. Again, as far as I can see, aside from California these are not enforced. We go 8, 10, 12, 14 hours without an off-the-floor, sit-down lunch. What other job does that and allows this?

3) There are a lot of doctors and other medical “professionals” that do not treat nurses or techs/CNAs with respect (there are also some nurses that mistreat other nurses). This, by no means is across the board-there are only a handful but it needs to stop. Us, as nurses, should not feel nervous or scared to call a doctor about our assessments (with a stethoscope). I understand some nurses lack common sense but…

4)Policies that do not put a nurse’s license in jeopardy?

5) National Board of Nursing instead of individual states with mixed up policies depending on the state? Not to mention all states being in Compact.

6) Safe and adequate unit training. Not having orientation cut short just because the unit is working short?

7) Adequate educational training and/or benefits/money to go to seminars and conferences.

Can we also talk about our patients?

1) Adequate discharge for them. Not to make them feel like they are just tossed out because they do not have xyz insurance (and this is well before the ACA too). This is a national healthcare crisis…

2) Adequate mental health care for our patients.

2) Safer environment *from* our patients? We shouldn’t have to feel like we should just take the abuse of certain patients. We shouldn’t feel like we would lose our jobs if we press assault charges ON a patient (this is, in particular, towards the Emergency Department but can happen in all departments).

The list can go on and on…please nurses-feel free to add yours down below.

THIS should be our movement. THIS should be our goal. THIS is what we should UNITE about. Not some dumb daytime tv show.

I LOVE what I do. I enjoy going to work and help my patients. I want to feel like I am doing the best that I can. I want to feel like they are getting the best care. I want to feel like I am accomplishing something. Be it helping them after surgery. Helping them after a terminal diagnosis. Helping them pass away. I want to BE A NURSE. I am thankful that I have this career.

I do not care what these ladies say. I care what my patients say & feel. I care what my patient’s family say. I care about what my healthcare professional co-workers say (fellow nurses, doctors, techs/CNA, unit clerks, managers, etc).

Can we now focus on the real issues? Can we bring to light and push forth regulations on these real issues? #Nursesunite!!!


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