Review of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt


I recently finished Tartt’s ” The Goldfinch” from a friend’s recommendation. I am normally put off by size but decided to give it a shot.

It is about a young teen, Theo, losing his mother in a museum blast in NYC. From there he is lost-looking for placement and purpose. Traveling from NY to Nevada, to NY to Europe.

Midway thru, I read reviewed for the book. I was somewhat hesitant in finishing based on the mixed reviews. Most did not like it because of the length. Well, I can understand but I tried not to let that determine whether or not to finish it.

Some complained that a lot of it could have been edited but at the same time made praise of the detailed expressions of the written word. I don’t know, I think that’s somewhat an oxymoron comment.

Some stated that they disliked Theo, the main character but liked Boris. I didn’t dislike Boris but I liked Theo more. I though Boris was somewhat of a user scumbag. I was confused as to why he was preferred over Theo.

Overall, if you like general fiction with great details-I say go for it. If you dislike length-you should just skip it and save the author a low star review.

My favorite passage from the book: “That life – whatever else it is – is short. That fate is cruel but maybe not random. That Nature (meaning Death) always wins but that doesn’t mean we have to bow and grovel to it. That maybe even if we’re not always so glad to be here, it’s our task to immerse ourselves anyway: wade straight through it, right through the cesspool, while keeping eyes and hearts open. And in the midst of our dying, as we rise from the organic and sink back ignominiously into the organic, it is a glory and a privilege to love what Death doesn’t touch.”~ Donna Tartt in The Goldfinch

I gave it a 4 out of 5 star review on Goodreads. (mind you, I rarely ever give 5 stars. I don’t bother much with 1-2 star books. Most of my ratings fall to 3 or 4 stars).


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