Volunteer-when is it a bad thing?

Most people that I know, know that I will be donating my time (and essentially my money because I don’t have enough donations to cover it all) and going to Madagascar to be an Adult Ward Nurse on the Mercy Ships.

I’m a float nurse and I floated to a unit yesterday. Someone asked me about my mission coming early next year. Another nurse put in her two cents and said “well I’m concerned about who we have here? What about our Vets? What about our homelessness? And our sick?”

She stopped what she was saying and somewhat back peddled to rant about whether or not America should let Syrian Refugees in (if anyone is wondering, I think we should-there is a heavy duty process for this).

I looked at her and said “oh, and what have you done to help the Vets? or the homeless here?”

She gave me a blank stare. I continued “no, really-I’m just curious? I know a couple of year ago I donated Wednesday mornings and picked up day-old bakery goods from a local store and delivered them to the local soup kitchen? On top of that, I donated a number of grocery store gift cards for them to hand out to the people in need in the community”. So I’m just curious-for someone to be gunho on what’s going on in America-what have you done?

She didn’t answer and I went on my merry way. Point made.

It’s one thing to sit back and talk about what’s wrong with things here in America. It’s another to try to degrade what I’m doing (whatever good it is) to try to make your point when you, yourself are not doing anything about it.

Just like a couple months back. With the whole uproar over The View’s comments on the nurse and the stethoscope statement. Really? That’s what your putting your time and energy in? Berating and harassing females behind a desk? Why not use that time more wisely and change the ratios in America? Why not use that time more wisely and talk to the young people as to how important the nursing career is? And what good (and bad) that we witness every day?

I’m just not comprehending the human species right now. We want to point fingers and blame and/or hinder others for getting ahead or save, etc but not doing much in our own lives to make a difference?

Ben Carson compared Refugees like rapid dogs. Okay I’m not taking it to heart because he used stupid words to try to make an analogy but that analogy doesn’t work when you think about it.

If you look at human life as a whole-EVERY single form of humans have created destruction of another human life. I won’t talk about the middle east because I’m not all the familiar with it other than religion fights have been going on for CENTURIES.

We’ll do more current history. Take Christians. When white Europeans came over-yes their initial stance was to find comfort, safety, and a new life (just like many IMMIGRANTS). But when greed and dollar signs take over-what happens? White males killed, pushed, rounded up the Natives. So in Carson’s eyes-the settlers here in America are rapid dogs.

Europe- Hitler’s propaganda to round up Jews, gays, Gypsies, and the disabled and slaughter them….according to Carson-Germans are rapid dogs.

In Africa-Rich black folks sold off their own to send them to work as slaved in America. According to Carson-black folks in Africa are rapid dogs.

The list can go on and on. The same goes for that analogy if you like M&Ms and there is a bowl full and you know 10 are poisonous-would you stick your hand in there? REALLY? That’s a dumb analogy. In that saying-you can say white males who owns a gun are potentially poisonous because the majority of the mass killings/shootings in America has been brought on by who? White males who own guns.

I just wish people would think before not only speaking but also think before the share ill minded propaganda. Because that is what it is…propaganda. Definition for propaganda is-“information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

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