Speed Dating

I went speed dating last week with no real expectations. Just a evening out for something different and fun to do.

For those that have never done this or seen this (sometimes it’s shown on lengthy news shows- Today, GMA). You sign up on a website. Usually the website has it set up where you are able to choose your age. Some other speed dating events are set up if you’re hetero or homosexual. After all, if you’re a homosexual male-why would you want to attend an event that pairs you up with females? It makes sense.

You arrive at the establishment about 20-30 minutes early. This is a chance to get to mingle, grab a drink or appetizers.

When the event starts, we are usually given a number and the woman sit down. After 5, 6, or 8 minutes (I’ve done one of each event), the host rings a bell and there is a switch. Usually the men get up and rotate. Depending on how large the even it, there could be an intermission of sorts.

So last week, I attended my third one in three different states. I went with my age group (which is probably a hindrance for me, because everyone just assumes I’m younger than I am and I wonder if the men took me seriously). There were 10 “dates” (real names are not being used):

  1. Mike-not religious but spiritual. Interesting. He’s going away on vacation for a few weeks and is planning on meeting a world renowned meditation/spiritualist/miracle worker. I’m agnostic. I’m not religious. I am spiritual but I would not necessarily seek out someone. Overall I found him attractive, interesting. Probably not my type dating wise but I wanted to know more.
  2. Steven-travels but wasn’t able to tell me what he does. He immediately sat down and started talking about other events that had to circle around dating. I thought that was odd and I thought maybe he was friends with the host & was there to do advertising? I was not attracted to him.
  3. Greg-I left it blank…I suppose that should mean something
  4. Scott-Teacher, close with his kids. I liked the fact that he was close with his kids. That he spent a lot of time with his kids. To me that means a lot and says a lot. On first glance (ie 6 minutes) I was attracted to him.
  5. Dan- “not much”…clearly there wasn’t much that I remembered
  6. Mark- in the family entertainment business. I was not attracted to him and I felt he was a little cocky for his type.
  7. Stan- same area, came with friends. Nice. Attractive somewhat.
  8. Manuel- works in the public sector. Actually said “nurses have a good assessments and can figure people out within a short matter of time.” He kinda fished around for my thoughts on him.
  9. Jack- collects arcade games. Interesting even if it’s just to play Pac Man, back in the day, style. I think he was surprised that I knew about the cocktail setups. 🙂
  10. Derrek- works for government. No real connection there.

After the speed dating, I went to the bar because I knew they were having trivia. I sat down at the bar and ordered a appetizer and a drink. A guy, very handsome, was eating as well and was playing the trivia. They were handing out sheets for photo stills of an actor in movies. I asked the gentleman if I could see the photos. CRAP-it was Brad Pitt. I’m not much of a Brad Pitt fan but recognized a few. The guy was nice. Dark hair, office geek type with a suit but no tie. It was causal conversation. He only popped in for food & a drink because he was finished with a meeting at a local hotel. He has a girlfriend. But it took me out of my comfort zone, striking up a conversation with a man.

All in all, it was fun. I would do it for a 4th time. You never know who or when you’ll meet someone.


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