Trouble Maker by Leah Remini



4 out of 5 stars

I was “excited” to read this book. Though perhaps excited is not the correct term. I have always been interested in “religions”. What? Why? How? As in what brought them to the religion? Why did they choose that religion over others? And how did the stay or leave?

Of course, Scientology always fascinated me because it was founded by a man who authored sci-fi books. As in fictional. Furthermore-science fiction. It boggles my mind that people are lead to believe this is the right way to go.

Not that I think it was either right nor wrong. I think if any religion or sect benefits you to be a healthier human (and healthy towards other humans), it’s a good thing. I also think all religions can lead you into being negative too. I think it’s a matter of how much you take from it.

You read about stories of Scientology. You read about how they want you to disassociate with people who have left the church or who have outright spoken badly about the church. In my view, I don’t think any religion is good if they want you to separate from your loved ones. I also think it’s astonishing that a facility/church/religion is allowed to send kids off, without their parents, and basically do slave labor in ill institutions.

Having said that-I have never been in one myself. So I can only go by what I’ve read from ex-member’s experience.

I expect a celebrity to do some name dropping and Remini doesn’t shy away from that. Because I expected it-I was okay with it. What I liked about Remini’s book is that she has nothing to lose but at the same time everything to lose speaking out “against” the church.

Nothing to lose because I think a lot of people are supporting her and I think some other big names have since left the church as well-though in a quieter manner. Everything to lose because she is in the world of Hollywood where people view Tom Cruise as a KING (why? I don’t get it, I never cared for his movies or moreso for him as an actor) and it appears that the world of Scientology views him as just that and perhaps this is why he likes that world? According to Remini-Cruise is not treated like other members of the church. Cruise is catered to. When Cruise entered Celeb Centre-everyone leaves. When Cruise is trying to have a date-Scientology caters to try to do everything they can to hook him up with another Scientology. Much like arranged marriage/dating. So says Remini.

Remini also makes mention of them trying to get her to recruit her friend Jennifer Lopez. Which is odd because in the book Remini mentions that Lopez’s father is a Scientologist. I would think that if J-Lo’s dad cannot get her into the religion-why/how could anyone else? Though I remember when Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson-there were rumors that LMP was to try to recruit MJ into Scientology. Money follows money, afterall.

You also read about Scientologists makes like miserable if you speak out against the church. Which is and why I give Remini a lot of kudos and that to her husband, family, and friends for staying by her side.

Not to mention-Remini questioning the acts of Scientology. Asking their members to donate money for Katrina relief and when Remini question why she didn’t see any members going there and handing out water, etc-she was given the run around, etc. Then there is the head of the church who attends Cruise’s wedding NOT with his wife but with someone else. Which, I would agree, is weird because that’s a high profile wedding-why wouldn’t a higher up in the church, who is supposedly close to Cruise, bring his wife?!? I think she’s right to question the wife’s whereabouts.

Since Remini grew up in Scientology-you do have to wonder if she is/was more privilege to know more of the ongoings of Scientology than lets say the likes of Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley, Presley & Lisa Marie? All celeb status and thus probably did not witness the hole in the wall hotel that young teens and pre-teens had to clean and when the work was done could not sit by the pool and crap sum of money.

Along with the amount of money the average Joe shells out for the teachings and rankings of Scientology levels. Perhaps this is not what the every day celeb sees because they are probably scooted up in rankings without doing the dirty work. Just pay x millions of dollars and poof-like magic, you’re there-at the top.

I “understand” Remini’s mothers mission towards the church, Remini touches a tad bit on it in the book. Just before the release of this book, I did tweet Remini’s mother (due to the reality show “It’s All Relative” she’s accessible on Twitter—the show, by the way, is hilarious) and asked if she was going to write a memoir and her journey too? She, unfortunately, responded with a “no”. Writing about one’s life is not for everyone. I, personally, LOVE memoirs from others and would definitely like to read it. Perhaps in due time, Remini’s mom will reconsider.

Overall, I definitely give this a 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend it for anyone that enjoys a Hollywood story and/or likes to read about Scientology.


Social Media’s Downfall

Do you find that social media is making the world worse? Or better? It seems like we are more divided than ever and I wonder if social media has something to do with it? We are able to connect to like minded people and thus we share like minded statements, beliefs, and most of all propaganda. It makes me question whether or not it’s helping or hindering us as humans?

More and more I see people just continuing to spout off at what they believe is right without indicating that no one is really right?

It seems like it’s always one sided. As in an “us” vs “them” attitude. When it’s not one sided. This could be blacks vs whites, whites vs blacks, Christians vs Muslims, Muslims vs Christians. Legals vs illegal, illegal vs legal. The list goes on and on.

The more I think about social media, the more I’m leaning towards it dividing us.

When I first came onto the WWW, back when AOL was mainstream, when you were only able to use the telephone line and no one else can use it, when you hear the funny dial up tone-that sometimes kicks you off.

When I first came onto the WWW-my sole purpose was to connect with other Michael Jackson fans. This was back in the 1990s. Everyone around me, knew I loved MJ (knew I was a happier person listening to MJ) but no one had that same bond. I went on to find that same connection. This particular connection was of understanding, spreading love, and just connecting with like minded people that went far beyond his music. I found a place where I fit. But it was for GOOD, it was not for hate (and even now, that’s become muted–with statements like “those kids are not his”, “I liked him back when he was black.”, “I like him by why did he have to have so much plastic surgery?”.)

Now on facebook, on Twitter, maybe even on random blogs-it seems like people want to connect to separate-if that makes sense? That people feel the need to have an us vs them attitude when it should be about WE, US, TOGETHER, UNITED.

We have to remember that hatefulness walks in ALL forms of human life…Christian, Muslim, black, white, non immigrant, immigrant, rich, poor, democrat, republican. There are extremists. There will always be extremists. But they do not have to conquer the social media. They do not have to rule the airwaves. We do not have to BOOST but “how come it’s ruled as a hate crime when it’s against blacks but not Christians, etc.” When in the end, does it REALLY matter? It’s all the same. Hatefulness is hatefulness. Love is Love. We can only bring tolerance to others when we want to open up and learn about others and yes you can have a happy balance.

I am not religious, but I have religious friends & patients who I respect and admirer. I’m going on a religious medical mission (almost all medical missions seem to have a religious feel to it-I’m okay with it as long as it accomplishes what I want to accomplish) because I want to HELP others. Who are like me. Who are not like me. I do not care.

We can all be different, we do not have to continue to spread the hatefulness though. We should mend. It’s not a perfect world. It’s not going to be a perfect world. There will always be extremist. There will always be mental illness. There will always be murder. There will always be mass killings. How do we use these times to CONNECT and not separate ourselves?

I just don’t know. I just don’t understand it. I will never be able to wrap my head around it.

Take for example, recently a facebook friend posting a degrading comment about President Obama voters. My response was “I’m a very educated registered nurse who voted for Obama…so what’s your point?” His comment was “there are always exceptions.”

YES-so why continue with the blanket statement that wants to paint everyone the same color?

After Obama won 2nd term. A handful of my friends posted “how can people be so ignorant and stupid and uneducated….” Umm-excuse you? If this is how you feel about me, why are you my friend? I question your integrity to be honest. To which the response is always “well I don’t mean YOU…directly.” Ummm-your statement says you do, I proudly voted for Obama and thus I must be 1) stupid 2) ignorant 3) uneducated. I am, none of the above. I may not hold the same views as you-but that does not make you more right and I, more wrong. Nor does it make me more right and you more wrong. We have differences.

When people are heated, they certainly do not choose their words very wisely and they end up hurting the common thread of humans, than helping. We are all different, we do not all have to be hateful and degrading.

It’s all for L.O.V.E.!

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